About the Pennsylvania Mammal Atlas

What is the Pennsylvania Mammal Atlas (Atlas)?

The Atlas is a large undertaking to survey the entire Commonwealth for the locations of 64 wild mammal species.  The Atlas will be completed within a short timeframe; less than 10 years. The resulting effort will provide updated species distribution maps, along with a better understanding of elusive or rare mammals.

How is data collected?

Because no two species are the same, we will use a variety of survey techniques during the course of the Atlas. One of our large efforts will involve a team of biologists traveling around the state deploying techniques such as trail cameras, cage traps, Sherman traps, and snap traps. We will also gather data from biologists conducting mammal research in Pennsylvania. However, our best resource for collecting widespread data is you, the citizen scientists, submitting photographs and locations of the mammals you observe.

Who is involved?

Many organizations and individuals contribute to the Atlas, including federal and state agencies, universities, consultants, non-profit organizations, and citizen scientists. Planning is led by the Mammal Atlas Coordinator at the Pennsylvania Game Commission, and guidance is provided by mammalogists on the Mammal Technical Committee, Atlas Steering Committee. For a full list of Partners click here.

How long will the project last?

The Atlas will conclude by 2025 because our goal is to provide a snap shot in time about mammal distributions.

From all of the Atlas team, thank you for your interest in wild mammals and participation with this project!       









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Pennsylvania Game Commission
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