Meadow Jumping Mouse_Heffernan

Meadow Jumping Mouse

Zapus hudsonius
Chuck Fergus

The meadow jumping mouse has big feet, long hind legs, and a skinny, tapering, sparsely furred tail that is longer than the head and body combined. Length is 8 - 9 inches, including a 5- to 6-inch tail; weight is around 0.6 ounces. Found in the East, Midwest, Canada and Alaska, Zapus hudsonius is statewide in Pennsylvania. The fur is yellowish brown, with a dark stripe on the back and orangish sides; the belly and feet are white.

Meadow jumping mice inhabit moist grassy and brushy fields, thick vegetation and woodland edges. The home range is usually less than an acre. The name “jumping mouse” is something of a misnomer, as these animals do not normally travel by jumping: they prefer taking short hops of a foot or two. Active at night, they eat seeds, grasses, berries, nuts, roots, fungi, earthworms, insects, spiders and slugs.



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